• Tanzina Vega


    Tanzina Vega is the host of The Takeaway. She reports and speaks on issues of race, media, and inequality in the United States. She is also an…

  • Amber Hall


    Amber Hall is The Takeaway's planning editor. In third grade Amber, anchored the nightly news from behind a makeshift desk in her parents’ bedroom.…

  • Ellen Frankman

    executive producer

    Ellen Frankman is the Senior Producer of The Takeaway. At The Takeaway, Ellen oversees the daily production of the show, managing a team of…

  • Isabel Angell


    Isabel is a Producer for The Takeaway. Besides helping the show get to air every morning, some of her favorite projects at The Takeaway include…

  • Alexandra Botti

    senior producer

    Alexandra Botti is a producer for The Takeaway, where she is responsible for much of the program's coverage of the 

  • Jay Cowit


    Jay has been with The Takeaway since its on-air inception in 2008, and has been the Show Director, Technical Director, and sound designer since…

  • Vince Fairchild


    Vince Fairchild is a broadcast engineer for The Takeaway. He has been slinging microphones and turning knobs with the show since April 2008.…

  • José Olivares

    associate producer

    José Olivares is a bilingual journalist and an associate producer for The Takeaway. His work has been published by The Intercept, NPR, USA Today…

  • Polly Irungu


    Polly Irungu is The Takeaway's Digital Content Editor.

    Polly is a multimedia journalist and social media producer. Most recently, she…

  • Rob Gunther

    associate producer

    Rob Gunther is an associate producer at The Takeaway. 

    Before joining the team, Rob worked as an intern and then an assistant producer for…

  • David Gebel


    David is the administrative assistant at The Takeaway. He focuses on the paperwork, the scheduling and the business support tasks, so that everyone…