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  • Harris County's Sister Judges

    Dec 2, 2022
    In 2018 election, 19 Black women made history as the largest group of Black women to hold judicial seats in the Harris County, Texas. And this year 15 of them were up for reelection.
  • Haiti in Turmoil

    Dec 2, 2022
    Reports coming out of Haiti this week show people running out of food, fuel, and patience as gangs control the streets
  • The Takeaway's 2022 Music Wrap Up

    Dec 1, 2022
    We took a quick look at these musical wrap ups with Reanna Cruz, producer for Vulture’s Switched on Pop podcast. 
  • The Data Behind Transgender Homicides

    Dec 1, 2022
    Insider has assembled the most comprehensive database of transgender homicides to date: over the last five years, at least 175 transgender people were killed throughout the U.S.
  • Black (Twitter) Power

    Dec 1, 2022
    A young Black woman died under mysterious circumstances last month, but there was little movement on an investigation – until Black social media users made her story go viral.
  • Didn't We Do This Already? Same-Sex Marriage.

    Dec 1, 2022
    MHP talks with the President of the Human Rights Campaign, Kelley Robinson about Congress' swift action to have meaningful bi-partisan cooperation on same-sex marriage.