• Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry


    Melissa Harris-Perry is Host and Managing Editor of The Takeaway.

    Melissa is an award winning journalist, author, professor,…

  • Jay Cowit


    Jay Cowit is Director of The Takeaway.

    Jay has been with The Takeaway since its on-air inception in 2008, and has been the Show Director,…

  • Vince Fairchild


    Vince Fairchild is a Broadcast Engineer for The Takeaway.

    Vince has been slinging microphones and turning knobs with the show…

  • Ethan Oberman

    senior producer

    Ethan Oberman is a Senior Producer for The Takeaway. 

    Ethan spearheads much of The Takeaway’s movie and television…

  • Jacklyn Martin


    Jacklyn Martin is a Line Producer for The Takeaway.

    Jacklyn works closely with the show’s scripting, editing, and the overall morning…

  • David Gebel


    David is an Administrative Assistant for The Takeaway.

    David focuses on the paperwork, the scheduling and the business support tasks, so that…

  • Katerina Barton

    associate producer

    Katerina is an Associate Producer for The Takeaway.

    Katerina is an associate producer following her internship with the…

  • Zachary Bynum

    digital producer

    Zachary Bynum is a Digital Producer for The Takeaway. 

    Zachary is a digital storyteller and strategic…

  • Shanta Covington

    senior producer

    Shanta Covington is a Planning Editor for The Takeaway.

    Shanta Covington is a passionate content creator and storyteller…

  • Wonbo Woo

    executive producer

    Wonbo Woo is Executive Producer for the Takeaway.