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Giving Birth While Black

Black women and their babies are dying at shockingly high rates during and after child birth. One big reason is the implicit bias of doctors. So what do we do about it?

23 min

The Stakes

What Is an Acceptable Amount of Money to Spend on Pillows? feat. Naomi Ekperigin, Wyatt Cenac and Phoebe Robinson

Michelle and Jordan plan Naomi Ekperigin’s wedding and Wyatt Cenac’s car gets repossessed. Plus, Phoebe Robinson shares her poetry about a diner.

43 min


Jeff Daniels Was Supposed to Take Over the Family Lumber Business

Jeff Daniels is known for his wildly diverse film career, but he's a 40-year veteran of Broadway. He tells Alec about the work that just won him a 3rd Tony nod: Atticus in Mockingbird.

49 min

Here's the Thing

Phoebe and Michelle Buteau Get Cozy

Phoebe interviews Michelle Buteau! Michelle’s launching her new podcast Adulting with WNYC Studios - and it drops today! Plus, they talk about Michelle's latest film, Always Be My Maybe.

49 min

Sooo Many White Guys

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