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Bottled Up: Your Stories About Drinking

We asked you about your relationships with alcohol—why you drink or don't, the strategies you use to manage your consumption, and what alcohol brings you besides a buzz. 

39 min

Death, Sex & Money

Is $250 Too Much to Spend at the Bar? feat. Michael Kosta and Arturo Castro

In this week’s Adulting adventures, Michelle gets stuck in a toilet, while Jordan goes to Maine. Michael Kosta is the ultimate omnivore. And Alternatino’s Arturo Castro can’t dance.

37 min


39 - Deserts

You might think you know everything there is to know about deserts: big, sandy, hot, etc. But between the alien mummies and the ice blades, we're guessing there's a lot you don't know. 

30 min

SciShow Tangents

Pants Clone

Hank and John Green answer questions about conspiracy theorists, marketing climate change, human mortality vs. red curry paste, and more!

46 min

Dear Hank & John

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