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The Supreme Court v. Peyote

When do religious people get to sidestep the law?

57 min

More Perfect

Leaving the Extreme Right, and a Marriage, Behind

When Tasha Adams was escaping from her husband and far-right leader, Stewart Rhodes, she messaged Alex Jones’s ex-wife for support. In this episode, they talk for the first time. 

50 min

Death, Sex & Money

W.G.A. Strike: Why Your Favorite Shows Could Go Dark

Michael Schulman talks with Laura Jacqmin, a veteran TV writer and a Writers Guild strike captain. Plus, the comedian and essayist Samantha Irby in conversation with Doreen St. Félix.

49 min

The New Yorker Radio Hour

Jane Mayer on the Ethical Questions About Justice Clarence Thomas

The staff writer discusses the latest financial-disclosure scandal involving the judge, and the decline in public trust in the Supreme Court.

18 min

The Political Scene | The New Yorker

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