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Introducing We Don't Talk About Leonard

Reporters Andrea Bernstein, Ilya Marritz, and Andy Kroll bring you Episode 1: Most likely to succeed.

Trump, Inc.

Silicon Valley’s History of Fumbles with Capitalism

The model for amassing obscene wealth, pioneered in 19th century California, may be finally hitting its limits.

31 min

Notes from America with Kai Wright

Olivia Rodrigo, the Voice of Generation Z; Plus, Stephen Kotkin on Ending the War in Ukraine

The pop artist talks with David Remnick about how it feels to be branded the voice of her generation. And a Russia scholar thinks it’s past time to push for regime change in Russia.

49 min

The New Yorker Radio Hour

Not Even Past: Dred Scott Reprise

More than 150 years later, two families grapple with one terrible Supreme Court decision.

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