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Jad Abumrad

Everything was going too fast. Everybody was talking too fast. Everybody was moving too fast.

5 min

10 Things That Scare Me

Our Sex (Mis)Educations

"No actual information, just a lot of shaming and scare tactics."

Death, Sex & Money

11 - Mucous

Mucus grosses people out. Whether it’s coming out of your nose or slime oozing from an animal, it’s not really a pleasant substance. But scientifically, mucus is super cool!

33 min

SciShow Tangents

172 - Get in Touch with Your Glitter Side

How do I stop receiving so many Peeps? Why do I have to sneeze immediately after I put on mascara? How do I use a bus? And more!

42 min

Dear Hank & John

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