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When Work Changes, So Do We

As I return from maternity leave, I'm thinking a lot about work and identity. So is Uma Kondabolu, who recently retired from the place where she worked for almost 30 years. 

22 min

Death, Sex & Money

My Boss Is a Jerk and No One Believes Me. What Should I Do? feat. Kerry Coddett and Michelle Collins

Michelle ditches her roommate. Comedian Kerry Coddett tries to end her dating dry spell. And Michelle Collins auditions for her dream role as Javert in Les Mis.

40 min


35 - Cancer

Living things are so full of complicated systems of cells and DNA, that things are bound to go wrong. And sometimes when things go wrong, cancer is the result. 

30 min

SciShow Tangents

Uncomfortably Numb

How painful news might be making America numb, and why sometimes it's okay to tune out. 

50 min

On the Media

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