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1. "Preciosa" — The Other Anthem

How Rafael Hernandez’s defiant ode to the island binds Puerto Ricans across the diaspora – and paved the way for Bad Bunny.

29 min

La Brega

1. "Preciosa" — El otro himno

Cómo la desafiante oda a la isla de Rafael Hernández une a los puertorriqueños en toda la diáspora y abrió el camino para Bad Bunny.

31 min

La Brega

Ukraine: Under the Counter

Together with NPR’s Rough Translation we tell the story of a smuggling operation and a wartime mission.

42 min


Living With And Learning From Estrangement

Estrangement isn’t linear. For those who have severed ties or been cut off, it can be necessary, empowering, devastating and confounding—all at once. 

47 min

Notes from America with Kai Wright

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