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1 - Science Hoaxes

Our panel delves into the weird, dark, and complicated world of scientific hoaxes. Why do people perpetrate hoaxes? Why do people fall for them? And what the heck is “Jeep Butt”?  

SciShow Tangents

163 - A Man's Man's Guide to Potassium

How do I convince my boyfriend not to grow a mullet? What do I do with this small, hot towel? Should I destroy my sad friend in Words with Friends? John and Hank have answers!

40 min

Dear Hank & John

Episode 10: Tetris and the Seed Potatoes of Leningrad

John Green reviews the video game Tetris and the seed potatoes of Leningrad.

22 min

The Anthropocene Reviewed

The Emolument Suit Against Trump That Is Moving Ahead

The District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine discusses the suit, what it might uncover and why the Founding Fathers put the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution.

18 min

Trump, Inc.

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