A show about the unfinished business of our history and its grip on our future.

  • A Pre-Midterms Vibe Check

    Sep 19, 2022
    An election is coming. Summer is over. And the vibe is…what? We open the phones to hear what’s on your mind–from democracy to baseball.
  • The Art of Remembrance

    Sep 14, 2022
    The story of one local NYC artist who uses digital technology to honor our city’s past.
  • Your Vote Matters

    Sep 12, 2022
    So why don't more people vote in smaller elections? What motivates people to vote — and how that could inform greater participation in the upcoming midterm elections?
  • Half of My Parents, All of Me

    Aug 31, 2022
    Folashade Olatunde, a WNYC Radio Rookie, shares a series of open and honest audio diaries, inviting listeners on her journey to rebuild a relationship with her dad.
  • The Prison of Manhood Can’t Hold Shaka Senghor

    Aug 29, 2022
    He went to prison at age 19. When released, he had to learn how to be a father to two Black sons with very different life experiences. His letters to them have lessons for us all.