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  • Biden, NATO, and the 2024 Election

    Jul 12, 2024
    Thursday was the last day of the NATO summit in Washington, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic alliance.On Today's Show:Fred Kaplan, Slate's War Stories columnist ...
  • Biden’s Fate Is Up To Exactly 4,672 Democrats

    Jul 8, 2024
    With pundits and Democratic leaders pushing to replace President Biden on the 2024 presidential ticket, we look at his political future. On Today's Show:Christina Greer, associate pro...
  • What The UK and French Elections Mean For Europe

    Jul 3, 2024
    In France and Britain, two major upcoming elections this week are poised to overturn current, long-term ruling parties in both countries.On Today's Show:Sophie Pedder, Paris bureau ch...
  • Women, The GOP And The 2024 Election

    Jul 2, 2024
    We hear a rundown of some new reporting on women affiliated with the GOP, from members of Congress, to candidates around the country. On Today's Show:Rebecca Traister, writer at New Y...
  • SCOTUS Hands Trump Political Win

    Jul 1, 2024
    Today was the Supreme Court's final day of opinions, on immunity for former president Trump over his 'official' or 'unofficial' acts while in office that led to the Jan. 6 insurrectio...