On the Media

with Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield

WNYC’s weekly investigation into how the media shapes our worldview. 

  • Trans* Formations

    May 7, 2021
    A startling wave of anti-trans legislation; histories of trans children; and the promise of trans visibility.
  • War of the Words

    Apr 30, 2021
    Better language for criminal justice coverage; working as a journalist while in prison; and the overlooked women journalists of the Vietnam War.
  • It's Gonna Be May Day

    Apr 28, 2021
    May Day isn't some kind of Soviet export developed in Moscow's Red Square. It actually started in the U.S.
  • You Better Work!

    Apr 16, 2021
    A Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Vaccine Edition. Plus, how coverage affects union drives like the one in Bessemer, Alabama.
  • On the Inside Looking Out

    Apr 13, 2021
    For the incarcerated, information about the covid vaccines is even harder to parse with limited access to the media.
  • Broken Promise

    Apr 9, 2021
    How a 70-year-old promise to decolonize Puerto Rico keeps getting broken.