• KalaLea


    KalaLea is an audio journalist who has produced stories for NPR’s Latino USA, Slate Studios, NPR’s Interfaith Voices, The New Yorker podcasts…

  • Caroline Lester


    Caroline is an audio producer and writer. She is a reporter for WNYC Studios and has contributed to several shows including Blindspot, The New…

  • Alana Casanova-Burgess


    Alana Casanova-Burgess is host and producer for La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience. She was previously a reporter and producer…

  • Jami Floyd


    Jami Floyd is the Senior Editor for Race & Justice Unit at New York Public Radio. She is also the Legal Editor in the WNYC Newsroom. You can…

  • Cheryl Devall


    Cheryl Devall is a veteran storyteller in sound, images and words.

    She has edited for

  • Joe Plourde

    technical director

    Joe Plourde is a sound designer, engineer, musician, and the Technical Director at WNYC…

  • Jenny Lawton

    executive producer

    Jenny Lawton is a showrunner, editor, and producer.

    She has worked on more than a dozen podcasts for WNYC Studios, including…

  • Emily Botein

    executive producer

    Emily is the vice president for original programming at WNYC Studios, helping to launch podcasts and nurture ongoing programs.

  • Jim O'Grady


    Jim O’Grady is a reporter, host, and editor at New York Public Radio and a contributor to Gothamist.

    His work for broadcast has won two…

  • Ursula Sommer

    associate producer

    Ursula Sommer is a producer and writer.

    She has worked on a number of WNYC’s live radio shows, including All Of…

  • David L. Lewis


    David L. Lewis became WNYC's Investigations Editor in January, 2019, supervising the creation of the station's new investigative unit.