• Chris Garcia


    Chris Garcia is a comedian, television writer, and podcaster from Los Angeles. 

    You may have seen Chris tell his…

  • Paula Szuchman

    executive producer

    Paula Szuchman is Vice President for New Show Development at WNYC Studios.

    She launched 2 Dope Queens in 2016, later…

  • Jenny Lawton

    senior editor

    Jenny Lawton is a showrunner, editor, and producer.

    She has worked on more than a dozen podcasts for WNYC Studios including More…

  • Joanna Solotaroff


    Joanna Solotaroff is a co-host, editor and senior producer at WNYC Studios

    Joanna edited Scattered and Adulting,…

  • Daniel Guillemette


    Daniel Guillemette is a producer for WNYC Studios. He joined the station in 2017, and since then has produced for Scattered, 10 Things that Scare…

  • Hannis Brown


    Composer and sound designer Hannis Brown has created and mixed music for podcasts and radio programs including Death, Sex &…

  • Joe Plourde

    technical director

    Joe Plourde is a sound designer, engineer, musician, and the Technical Director at WNYC…