A Piece of Work

with Abbi Jacobson

Hosted by Abbi Jacobson, it’s everything you want to know about modern art but were afraid to ask.

  • The Writing on the Wall

    Aug 9, 2017
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about an artwork that’s nothing but words?
  • Questlove Hearts Emojis

    Aug 7, 2017
    Walk into MoMA and you’ll find everything from paintings by Van Gogh to video games and emojis. How come all these things be in the same museum?
  • Andy Warhol’s Art of Self-Promotion

    Aug 2, 2017
    Andy Warhol wanted to be a famous artist, and painting soup cans got him way more than his 15 minutes of fame. But is there more to Pop Art than being popular?
  • You’ve Got to Watch This!

    Jul 31, 2017
    Back in the 1960s, artists couldn’t wait to get their hands on a new medium: video. Since then, they’ve used it to capture everything from the personal to the political.  
  • If It’s Got Naked People, RuPaul Is In

    Jul 26, 2017
    What the heck is going on with all these naked people running around? Abbi and RuPaul puzzle over performance art, one of the most misunderstood art forms.
  • Minimalism to the Max

    Jul 24, 2017
    Sometimes art doesn’t look like very much like art at all -- and that’s kind of the point of Minimalism. But Abbi discovers there’s a lot more to simplicity than meets the eye.
  • Samantha Irby Gets High on Light

    Jul 19, 2017
    Abbi and writer Samantha Irby have a trippy experience inside an artwork made entirely of light. They’ll never look at a sunset the same way again.
  • How Questlove Learned to Love Silence

    Jul 17, 2017
    Works of art that are just one color -- monochromes -- are sometimes easy to walk by. But if you take the time to look, monochromes can recharge your batteries better than meditation.
  • Tavi Gevinson Wonders When It’s Done

    Jul 12, 2017
    Abstract art can be hard to make sense of. What’s it all about? Am I getting it? With the help of choreographer Mark Morris and Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, Abbi overcomes her doubts.