• David Remnick


    David Remnick has been editor of The New Yorker since 1998 and a staff writer since 1992...

    He has written many pieces for the…

  • David Krasnow

    executive producer

    David oversees The New Yorker Radio Hour for WNYC Studios…

    He was for many years the senior editor of 

  • KalaLea


    KalaLea is an audio journalist who has produced stories for NPR’s Latino USA, Slate Studios, NPR’s Interfaith Voices, The New Yorker podcasts…

  • Britta Greene


    Britta joined The New Yorker Radio Hour in 2022 from Minnesota Public Radio, where she led the newsroom's morning show. She previously worked…

  • Emily Botein

    vice president

    Emily is the vice president for original programming at WNYC Studios, helping to launch podcasts and nurture ongoing programs.

  • Ngofeen Mputubwele


    Ngofeen joined WNYC from Stitcher, where he was an Associate Producer on The Sporkful.  He reports on culture, language, and food with an eye…

  • Louis Mitchell

    technical director

    Louis is the Technical Director of The New Yorker Radio Hour.

    He first joined WNYC in 2015, when he moved from his home town of Sydney,…

  • Alison MacAdam


    Alison works part time as a story editor for The New Yorker Radio Hour. She spent 15 years at NPR, working as a producer and Senior Editor…

  • Rhiannon Corby


    Rhiannon is a freelance audio producer and reporter. She helped to launch the…