• Julia Longoria


    Julia Longoria is a radio journalist from Miami. She got her start in local newsrooms at WLRN and WNYC. She’s also worked at…

  • Katherine Wells

    executive producer

    Katherine Wells is the executive producer of podcasts at The Atlantic.

    She's also done…

  • Matt Collette

    executive producer

    Matt Collette is an executive producer at WNYC Studios. He’s worked on Trump, Inc.;…

  • Alvin Melathe


    Alvin Melathe is a podcast producer at The Atlantic. He served as the lead producer and a co-reporter on…

  • David Herman

    technical producer

    David Herman is the sound designer for The Experiment. He began…

  • Emily Botein

    vice president

    Emily is the vice president for original programming at WNYC Studios, helping to launch podcasts and nurture ongoing programs.

  • Gabrielle Berbey

    associate producer

    Gabrielle is an associate producer for The Experiment. Coming from PBS, she worked on…

  • Tracie Hunte


    Tracie Hunte is a correspondent for The Experiment. She’s previously worked at Radiolab…

  • Natalia Ramirez

    production manager

    Natalia Ramirez is the production coordinator for The Experiment. Before joining WNYC Studios, Natalia…