The Experiment

Hosted by Julia Longoria

The Experiment: stories from an unfinished country. A new series from The Atlantic and WNYC Studios.

  • The Problem With America’s National Parks

    Apr 15, 2021
    The story of our national parks, sometimes called “America’s best idea,” leaves out a very big group of people. The Ojibwe writer David Treuer is trying to change that.
  • The Crime of Refusing Vaccination

    Mar 25, 2021
    Where do our rights over our own bodies end and our duties to others begin? An answer lies in the story of a 1905 Supreme Court case about government-mandated vaccines.
  • The Volunteer

    Mar 18, 2021
    Yusuf Ahmed Nur volunteered to counsel a man on death row. He never intended to witness the execution.
  • Inventing ‘Hispanic’

    Mar 11, 2021
    How did a hugely diverse group of people in the United States get lumped together? The answer involves Chicanos, the census, and Celia Cruz.
  • Lost Cause

    Mar 4, 2021
    What does it take to overcome one of the oldest disinformation campaigns in American history?
  • The Sisterhood

    Feb 25, 2021
    Filipinos make up 4 percent of nurses in the U.S. Why do they account for a third of the nurses who have died from COVID-19 in America?
  • 56 Years

    Feb 11, 2021
    American democracy is younger, and more fragile, than we’ve been taught. One woman lived through the whole thing.