• Andrea Bernstein


    Peabody award–winning journalist Andrea Bernstein is Co-Host of the Trump, Inc. Podcast and Senior Editor for Politics & Policy for WNYC News.…

  • Meg Cramer


    Meg Cramer is the Senior Producer of Trump Inc. Before joining the team she was Deputy Director of BuzzFeed Audio, where she worked on shows…

  • Jesse Eisinger


    Jesse Eisinger is a senior reporter and editor at ProPublica. He is the author of the “

  • Ilya Marritz


    Ilya Marritz covers business for WNYC and is the host of "The Season."

    He was born and raised in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn. He attended…

  • Charlie Herman


    Charlie Herman is the Business and Culture Editor for WNYC News. He hosts WNYC's weekly finance segment,

  • Nick Varchaver


    Nick Varchaver is a senior editor at ProPublica.

    Nick spent more than 17 years as a writer and editor at Fortune, most recently as…

  • Eric Umansky


    Eric Umansky is a deputy managing editor of ProPublica, where he has overseen two Pulitzer Prize-winning projects. Most recently, a series he…

  • Heather Vogell


    Heather Vogell is a reporter at ProPublica. Previously, she was a reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where her work on test cheating in…