• Ellen

    Feb 17, 2020
    It could have been a guy who sat next to me in geometry, I had no idea because my eyes were closed. 
  • Michael

    Feb 17, 2020
    In our culture, Black culture, African-based culture, the mask is a sacred thing. It's not fun times.
  • Molly

    Feb 10, 2020
    I don't like being alone in the day time and I don't like being alone for a long time.
  • Maureen

    Feb 10, 2020
    I'm afraid of being dropped in the ocean.
  • Jeff E.

    Feb 3, 2020
    I didn't stop wetting my pants in the day time until I was in the 6th grade.
  • Billie and Gay

    Feb 3, 2020
    What Billie and I have together- the first thing I can think of to tell you is that I was 69 before we got together, and she's the first person who's ever told me I was beautiful.
  • Jia

    Jan 27, 2020
    Getting stuck in a little pod in the deep, deep ocean and encountering a giant centipede. 
  • Vivian

    Jan 27, 2020
    Whenever I take my dog out in spring, summer or fall we come back and we're covered in ticks.
  • Rebecca

    Jan 20, 2020
    We were each other's sole black relatives that we had in the world.