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Episode 1: The Dream Was Not Mine

Jennifer Willoughby and Saily Avelenda each woke up one day wanting to make a change. They ended up toppling two political giants. Plus: why the 2018 midterms could make history.

36 min

The United States of Anxiety

I, Robovie

Some psychologists probe just how far kids’ empathy for robots will go.

33 min


After The Storm: Stories of Puerto Rican Resilience

One year after Hurricane Maria, The Takeaway travels to Puerto Rico to explore how identity has changed on the island.

48 min

The Takeaway

Nerve Agents, Straws, Soccer Flops, Happiness. July 13, 2018, Part 2

Soccer dives aren’t as random as you think. It’s all about the dynamics of risk and reward. Plus, the chemistry of nerve agents explained. And a look at the psychology of happiness.

46 min

Science Friday

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