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The 7 Hardest Conversations I've Ever Had On This Show

Making a guest mad about money. Getting called out. Digging into my own beliefs about monogamy. These are the hardest conversations I've had here, as a podcast host, parent and partner. 

35 min

Death, Sex & Money

How RBG Became ‘Notorious’

In her fight for women’s rights, the then–ACLU lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg did something unexpected: She argued on behalf of men.

54 min

The Experiment

Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro: Count On a Reckoning

A powerful man abuses his privilege then lashes out when he learns women are not his playthings. Classic Mozart comedy? Yes! Real life? Most definitely.

37 min

Aria Code

7. The End Of The Promises

In this episode: the charade is over. What's the afterlife of Puerto Rico's political experiment? 

47 min

La Brega

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