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The Rise Of The Myers-Briggs, Chapter 1: Katharine

A mother sets out to raise the perfect child.

20 min

Science Diction

Financial Therapy: A Secret Gambling Addiction

In the first of three sessions, a couple we're calling Cora and Garrett talk with therapist Amanda Clayman about the events that led to a breakdown of financial trust between them.

31 min

Death, Sex & Money

Financial Therapy: Struggling To Trust Again

In their second session with financial therapist Amanda Clayman, a couple we're calling Cora and Garrett talk about their financial strengths and weaknesses, and the wall between them. 

46 min

Death, Sex & Money

The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 6

Lift Every Voice. Black Swan Records was first to record the anthem Lift Every Voice and Sing. From a family Thanksgiving, we portal through to the song's past, present and future.

27 min


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