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Links on New Energy Sources from Around the Web

Bionavitas Company using algea to create biofuels
EPA Fuel Economy Tips on improving efficiency from the EPA
Khosla Ventures Venture capital firm funding many "green" projects
Kokonut Pacific Company behind the use of coconut oil as an energy source
LS9 Inc. Company turning bacteria into usable petroleum
Norcal Waste Systems Inc. Company that collects, recycle and composts sewage and other waste, and was looking into "poop power"
Pax Streamline Company making industrial equipment more efficient
Planet Green Television network aimed at promoting the environment
Plasco Energy Group Canadian company converting waste to green power
Sentilla Corporation Creator of a box that tracks how much energy household appliances are using
Silver Spring Networks "Green tech" firm creating and promoting "smart grid" systems
TED conference The "Technology, Entertainment, Design" conference
The Energy Roadmap Futurist blog discussing the future of energy use
The Green Microgym Gym running off a combination of solar power and human-generated power
TreeHugger Blog promoting sustainability and environmental issues

NOVA: The Big Energy Gamble

From our partner, WGBH: California is transforming its economy to fight global warming. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is leading the way with a dramatic and controversial program to slash carbon dioxide emissions and promote energy efficiency. NOVA explores the pros and cons of California’s bold approach on The Big Energy Gamble. You can watch it online at NOVA’s companion website which also contains extra footage from interviews with Governor Schwarzenegger, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Marlo Lewis, and The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran.
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