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  • Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf Envisions One Unique Culture Through Music September 29, 2022

    Lebanese-born Paris-based trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf has opened the doors between all kinds of music, especially on his latest album, Capacity to Love. He and his band play in-studio.  (episode)

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Stormzy, Beth Orton, and Jake Blount September 26, 2022

    This week, hotly anticipated returns for British rapper Stormzy and songwriter Beth Orton; dystopian Afrofuturism by musician/scholar Jake Blount; and a new/old sound for Margo Price. (article)

  • Omar Sosa and Peter Apfelbaum, of Quarteto Americanos September 26, 2022

    Cuban-born pianist Omar Sosa is a serial collaborator. He's just put together a new band, Quarteto Americanos, which features sax player Peter Apfelbaum. This duo plays in-studio. (episode)

  • Vernon Reid and Laraaji, From The Greene Space September 22, 2022

    From the 2022 New York Guitar Festival at The Greene Space, listen to cosmic inventions from guitarist and composer Vernon Reid together with Laraaji on zither and electronics.  (episode)

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Butcher Brown, Quinn Christopherson, Death Cab For Cutie September 19, 2022

    Butcher Brown’s big band jazz meets hip hop; Death Cab For Cutie’s dark night of the soul; and the sound of Mozart’s own piano. Plus, Native Alaskan songwriter Quinn Christopherson. (article)

  • Lean Year Ponders Loss and What Remains September 19, 2022

    Lean Year is Virginia-based singer Emilie Rex and filmmaker/musician Rick Alverson, who make songs that are heavy on dreamlike melodies as they sl-ooow-ly unfold. They play in-studio.  (episode)

  • Mafer Bandola, Venezuelan Bandola Innovator September 15, 2022

    From Venezuela, Mafer Bandola, aka Maria Fernanda González, is one of the few women who plays bandola, a 4-stringed traditional instrument related to the mandolin. She plays remotely.  (episode)

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Sun Ra, Norah Jones, Daisy Press September 12, 2022

    This week, 8 centuries of covers: Sun Ra Arkestra covers Chopin; Norah Jones sings Leonard Cohen; Daisy Press reinvents Hildegard of Bingen.  (article)

  • Bill Frisell, From The Greene Space September 12, 2022

    Guitarist Bill Frisell is sometimes classified as a jazz player, yet he's also adapted country, West African, folk and blues. He plays solo acoustic for the New York Guitar Festival.  (episode)

  • French Composer Colleen Finds A New All-Electronics-Based Sound (Archives) September 8, 2022

    French multi-instrumentalist Colleen, aka Cécile Schott, whose sound used to be based on viola da gamba, performs some of her all-electronics-based compositions, in-studio. (Archives) (episode)