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  • Music From the Land of 10,000 Lakes December 31, 2004

    John Schaefer welcomes Garrison Keillor to Soundcheck today for a conversation abut celebrating 30 years of music making and story telling on one of radio's most beloved programs, A P... (episode)

  • Guilty Pleasures December 30, 2004

    Richard Barone, the former front man for the Bongos, joins guest host Anthony DeCurtis to talk about favorite musical guilty pleasures. You may not admit you listen to songs like "To... (episode)

  • A Dayna Life December 29, 2004

    Guest host Anthony DeCurtis welcomes two inventive singer-songwriters who rise above the pack. Amos Lee is a native Philadelphian whose musical style draws influence from several Amer... (episode)

  • Beethoven's Ninth Symphony December 28, 2004

    What is it about Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that makes it such a mainstay of big, celebratory occasions? On New Year’s Eve, the New York Philharmonic will revive a time-honored tradit... (episode)

  • Ballads, Rags and Writers December 27, 2004

    The ballad has been part of American history since before the country had a name. In a new book titled The Rose and the Briar: Death, Love and Liberty in the American Ballad, co-edito... (episode)

  • Joy Story December 24, 2004

    Millions of people know the tune, if not the words, of at least one traditional Christmas carol. But how many are totally aware of what they’re singing about? What does “I saw Three S... (episode)

  • Snow Job December 23, 2004

    Irving Berlin’s "White Christmas" has been covered by such eclectic artists as Doris Day and The Flaming Lips. Music journalist Jody Rosen explored the song's birth, initial reception... (episode)

  • Painting by “Numbers” December 22, 2004

    Last year, saxophonist Branford Marsalis made a CD titled “Romare Bearden Revealed” to accompany a Bearden retrospective at the National Gallery in Washington, DC, and that is now on ... (episode)

  • Label Maker December 21, 2004

    Naxos, the low-budget, high-volume classical record label, has been one of the few success stories in an embattled corner of the record industry over the last decade. The company is q... (episode)

  • The Longest Night December 20, 2004

    Born of black, white, and Puerto Rican heritage, singer-songwriter Garland Jeffreys has been penning insightful lyrics about race and politics since the 1970s. His many influences ran... (episode)