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7. "Vamos Pa’ Plaza" — The Center of Everything

Because going to the mall isn’t just going to the mall.

34 min

La Brega

6. “Boricua en la Luna” — The Moon’s Distance

What if the first person born on the moon was Puerto Rican?

33 min

La Brega

5. “Las Caras Lindas (De Mi Gente Negra)” — An Ode to Blackness

One of the best-known salsas of all time, the song is a love letter to all Black people and Afro-descendants.

36 min

La Brega

My Sex Life Became A Screenshot. Then I Lost My Job.

Erick Adame was a TV weatherman. Then someone sent pictures to his employer, his mother, and his boyfriend of him performing sex acts on a webcam.

42 min

Death, Sex & Money

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