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Lisa Ling & Awkwafina: Shut Up, Let Me Shine

The Crazy Rich Asians actor talks about how Bambi helped her process her mom's death, and why she has no qualms about turning down offers to do high-paying panty liner commercials.

26 min

Death, Sex & Money

Phoebe and Jemele Hill Won't Shut Up

Phoebe’s joined by sports journalist Jemele Hill (ESPN, The Atlantic). Jemele discusses her infamous Trump tweet, the controversy that followed, and practicing “journalism while black.”

41 min

Sooo Many White Guys

23 - Pregnancy

Pregnancy is, biologically speaking, already extremely weird, so it may not surprise you that we found some truly bizarre stuff to talk about this week!

31 min

SciShow Tangents

The Cowboy Of The West Village

The story of Storme DeLarverie, a true American hero.

25 min


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