An Ode to Your ZIP Code

An Ode to Your ZIP Code

In honor of National Poetry Month, each April Takeaway affiliate station WLRN and the O, Miami Poetry festival hold a poetry contest. This year’s challenge: Write a "Zip Ode"—a five-line poem inspired by your ZIP code. The length of each line is determined by the digits of your ZIP code. Listeners across the country submitted hundreds and hundreds of poems, and all month long, The Takeaway shared some of its favorites from around the nation.

  • ZIP Odes from Across the Nation

    Apr 30, 2015
    ​As April comes to a close, we're sharing just a few more of the incredible Zip Odes Takeaway listeners have been composing all month long.
  • ZIP Code Poetry: Listener Spotlight

    Apr 16, 2015
    From Brooklyn, New York to Charlottesville, Virginia, Takeaway listeners from across the country share "Zip Odes"-- poetic homages to their ZIP Codes.