New Sounds

Sunday - Friday at 11pm on 93.9 FM. Saturday at midnight on 93.9 FM.

Daily showcase of weird and wonderful music from artists, composers and traditional musicians — all gleefully oblivious of their genres.

  • #4632, Transitions and Transformations

    Jun 15, 2024
    Hear works from transgender and non-binary artists that explore themes of liminal spaces, evolving identities, and self-discovery.
  • #4749, With Bill Orcutt

    Jun 13, 2024
    Guitarist, composer, and improviser Bill Orcutt uses only four strings to shape his lyrical, stabby, and pattern-leaning compositions. He muses about his work, for this New Sounds show.
  • #4893, Music for the Native Americans

    Jun 11, 2024
    Hear extensions of pow-wow traditions along with psych-rock, hip hop, jazz, and pop from Medicine Singers, singer Joe Rainey, bassist Mali Obomsawin, and song carrier Jeremy Dutcher.
  • #4634, Unusual or Adapted Guitars

    Jun 10, 2024
    Hear a wide variety of unusual or adapted guitars, from traditional European varieties to 18-stringed prepared guitars with all manner of attachments.
  • #4631, "Lux": Of Light and Shadows

    Jun 9, 2024
    Hear music that plays with light and shadow by New York-based Lithuanian composer Zibuokle Martinaityte, British-born US-based composer Jane Antonia Cornish, and "Lux" from Brian Eno.
  • #4750, Drums and the Drummers Who Drum Them

    Jun 7, 2024
    Behold drum-centric music from Ezra Collective led by Femi Koleoso, Dave Lombardo's solo album, Valentina Magaletti (Holy Tongue), tabla master Zakir Hussain, Marcus Gilmore, and others.