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  • The New Sound of Ad Jingles June 30, 2008

    The Eagles are the sound of Wal-Mart and Paul McCartney's music is selling Starbucks. Today, how the ad jingle has moved beyond "plop, plop, fizz, fizz." Also: Folk heiress Lucy Wainw... (episode)


  • Classical's Wild Years June 27, 2008

    Reading accounts of concerts in the days of Beethoven, it’s evident that what we now call Classical Music was in fact the arena rock of its time. Orchestras played almost free-form e... (article)

  • The Classical Piano Recital as Rock Concert June 27, 2008

    Classical music concerts weren't always formal rituals where audiences sat in funereal silence. A new book called "After the Golden Age" explains how 19th-century recitals were like r... (episode)


  • Whale Songs: Music or Nature's Noise? June 26, 2008

    Is THAT music? It’s a question that has often been asked, usually in an incredulous tone, often by parents who greet their teenagers’ choice of music with a mix of confusion and revu... (article)

  • Sea of Sound June 26, 2008

    Some of the most fascinating songs on the planet last for hours, evolve over time and contain messages that no one quite understands. Today we find out about the mysterious world of w... (episode)


  • Music Therapy: Science or Art? Or Neither? June 25, 2008

    Music therapy sounds like such a great idea. And it actually seems plausible too – we’ve all noticed how a favorite song coming on the radio can be a real mood-lifter. So the idea o... (article)

  • Whether Music Therapy Hits All the Right Notes June 25, 2008

    Many hospitals use music as a way to ease patients' pain, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. But not everyone believes in music's therapeutic benefits. Today: a Soundcheck Smack... (episode)


  • Ry Observations June 24, 2008

    Ry Cooder is best known for his work on the platinum-selling Buena Vista Social Club. On today's show, the virtuoso guitarist talks about his latest album, the third part of a trilogy... (episode)


  • A City Boy Muses on Country Music's Appeal June 23, 2008

    Dana Jennings’ story of how country music was so important to the lives of the people growing up poor in his New Hampshire hometown got me to thinking. Growing up in New York City, w... (article)

  • Hellraisers and Heartbreakers June 23, 2008

    Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline helped define classic country music from the 1950s through the Seventies. Today we peer inside the dark heart of a genre obsessed with drink... (episode)