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Thursday, February 28 2008

  • Farewell to Pyongyang February 28, 2008

    Our North Korean handlers have been going crazy trying to maintain some semblance of order among the unruly mob that is the international press. But it turns out they will have the la... (article)

  • Pyongyang, day 2: the big event, Part II February 28, 2008

    So, after all this, what about the concert itself? Well, you can presumably hear it by clicking on the link to our broadcast of it elsewhere on this website (ed.'s note: our broadcas... (article)

  • Harmony of the Sexes? February 28, 2008

    The Vienna Philharmonic brings its famously polished sound to New York this weekend, but don't expect to see many women on stage. We're joined by Katie Binns, a Vienna-based journalis... (episode)