Episode 2: T'Chaka

( Greg Collins )
Music Credits: "Perspectives" by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah , "The Realness Theme" by Christian Scott , "cultural birth,death ceremony(deff, dumb, n dope . . .)" by greyguy , "Submerging Blue-Black" by Podington Bear , "Raw Umber" by Podington Bear , "Three Colors" by Podington Bear , "Mr. Wozzie" by Robbero , "Routine Drone" by Uuriter , "Desire and the Burning Girl" by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah , "Swollen Cloud" by Podington Bear , "C10" by Melanie Hsu , "Rock The Bells" by LL Cool J , "Sucka MCs" by Run-DMC , "The Cypher" by Christian Scott
WNYC Studios