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  • #46 - Episode 45 Redux

    Feb 19, 2015
    Two weeks ago, TLDR did an episode called "Quiet, Wadhwa." And then we became the story.
  • #44 - Prostitute Laundry

    Jan 29, 2015
    "Let the priests tremble, we're going to show them our sexts!" (Not the type you're thinking.)
  • #43 - Hey Ladies

    Jan 16, 2015
    Planning a St. Patrick's Day outing is no small feat, as these emails between a group of female friends reveal.
  • #42 - GodTube

    Jan 8, 2015
    Will Rogers wanted to let Christians know that non-Christians had something to say. So he made a video saying almost nothing at all.
  • #40 - Tinder Bros

    Dec 11, 2014
    Tinder is home to some of the worst pick-up lines on the internet, and they aren't even original.