Shaking Up Your Echo Chamber. For Democracy.

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Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi
Music Credits: "I Still Can't Believe" , "Through the Night" by Kenneth J Brahmstedt from BWN Music , "Future Plant" by Kenneth J Brahmstedt from BWN Catalog , "Glitter Waltz" by Jack Ventimiglia from BWN Music , "Beligerence" by Justin Asher from BWN Music/Valley of Ashes Music , "Automatic" by Podington Bear , "Corner Back" by Kenneth J. Brahmstedt , "Mutations" by Small Colin , "Tiptoe (Instrumental)" by YEYEY , "Trellis" by Podington Bear , "Gamma Ray" by Podington Bear , "BWN Discotheque" by Jack Ventimiglia, BMI from BWN Music , "Puppy" by Podington Bear
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