Dear Hank & John

From Complexly and WNYC Studios

Hosts John and Hank Green answer listener questions and offer dubious advice.

  • Chest Moose Tattoo (w/ SciShow Tangents!)

    Oct 14, 2019
    What happens when an astronaut sneezes in space? Should I dress fancier? Why do animals live for different amounts of time? SciShow Tangents joins the pod to answer your Qs!
  • Sword Dabbing (Live from Minneapolis, MN!)

    Oct 7, 2019
    How do I deal with the ghosts? How often do I really need to change my underwear? Am I a bag? John and Hank have answers, live from Minneapolis, MN!
  • Speedo Minotaur Guy (Live from Madison, WI!)

    Sep 23, 2019
    Why is my instinct to hug my dogs too hard? How do you know when the story you've written is done? Am I causing defective elevators? Hank and John answer your questions from Madison, WI!
  • The Still Escalators of Doom

    Sep 16, 2019
    Why are unmoving escalators so disconcerting? How does iambic pentameter work? What condiment would your body dispense? John and Hank have answers.
  • Piggy Bank Toughness

    Sep 2, 2019
    Back in the day, people were tough enough to destroy beautiful things for money. John and Hank answer questions about smasking piggy banks, embarrassing email addresses, and more!
  • Quiet, Subdued, and Possibly Illicit

    Aug 26, 2019
    Does my friend live with a ghost? How did conspiracy theories spread before the internet? How would fandoms respond to the apocalypse? Hank and John answer your questions! Calmly!
  • Pants Clone

    Aug 12, 2019
    Hank and John Green answer questions about conspiracy theorists, marketing climate change, human mortality vs. red curry paste, and more!