Rage, Grief, Joy

( Hillsong East Coast )
Hosted by Kai Wright
Music Credits: "USofA Theme 2" by The Outer Borough Brass Band , "Infinite Expanse" by Christian Telford, Kenneth Edward Belcher, Saki Furuya , "Mysterious Discovery" by Carter William, Bob Charles , "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell , "Sombre" by Peter Emmanuel. Sandberg , "Monkey Drama" by John William David Greswell and Andrew Robert Mellon , "My Box (Inst)" by Owen Chaim , "Lloyd's Final Days" by Jared Paul , "Unscathed" by Peter Emmanuel Sandberg , "Camille" by Niki De Vrai , "Awakening" by Jim Perkins, Anthony Edward Woollard, Fiona Louise Brice , "USofA Credits" by The Outer Borough Brass Band
WNYC Studios