A show about the unfinished business of our history and its grip on our future.

  • No, We Can’t Stop Saying Their Names

    May 29, 2023
    George Floyd was killed on Memorial Day three years ago. Let’s remember his impact on us – but let’s also ask how the stories we tell about Black life (and death) shape our future.
  • How the Supreme Court Got So Supreme

    May 25, 2023
    Black nationalism twisted its way to the country’s highest court unexpectedly. It started with one young man listening to Malcolm X records in his room on repeat.
  • Clarence Thomas and his Hotep Supreme Court

    May 22, 2023
    Justice Thomas is a Black nationalist — but that doesn’t mean he loves all Black people. We unearth his ideological roots and what they mean for the Court’s looming opinions.
  • Homelessness Hides in Plain Sight. So Does Its Fix.

    May 15, 2023
    Jordan Neely’s death on the New York City subway exposed a collective failure to see his humanity. We learn about a novel program in Houston – that sees people without homes as people.
  • Joy Harjo and Native Stories

    May 11, 2023
    Before she was the 23rd U.S. Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo’s journey as an artist began at a federal Indian boarding school. She reveals an unexpected perspective about her experience.
  • Indian Boarding Schools Are Not Ancient History

    May 8, 2023
    From 1819 and 1969, the U.S. removed thousands of Native children from their homes and tried to strip them of their culture. What would a reparations program for this history look like?