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  • A New Orleans Diary August 29, 2008

    View a slideshow of images from New Orleans Soundcheck contributor Jessie Torrisi shares her recent experience in New Orleans I left Brooklyn on January 1st with my drums in the tr... (article)

  • Three years after Katrina, Music's Difficult Path August 29, 2008

    A new book by author Ned Subletteexplores the history of war, slavery, and aristocracy in New Orleans. A new CD by clarinetist Dr. Michael White looks to that city’s future. On today'... (episode)


  • McCarren Pool's Swan Song August 28, 2008

    McCarren Park Pool is closing. Well, not closing forever, but when it reopens, it will be as a pool. For the past 3 summers, McCarren has been one of the hottest music venues in Ne... (article)

  • Summer's Final Note August 28, 2008

    Summer is winding down. Today, we find out about some of the best music events in the season's final days. Later: Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool is set to present its final concert thi... (episode)


  • Notes on Liner Notes August 27, 2008

    Well before I ever started writing liner notes, I was a big fan of them. And by liner notes I mean all of the printed matter that came with an LP or a CD – production credits, lyrics... (article)

  • The Art of Liner Notes in the Age of Downloads August 27, 2008

    With downloading on the rise, more musicians are dropping liner notes from their albums. On today's show: what the loss of lyrics, credits, and informative articles means for fans. Al... (episode)


  • To Plug ... Or Not To Plug August 26, 2008

    As bands ranging from U2 to Deerhunter are discovering, music leaks are a fact of life in the record industry. In another Soundcheck Smackdown, we debate whether leaks are good or bad... (episode)


  • Music-Making in the Colorado Rockies August 25, 2008

    The notion of Denver’s music scene left me stumped initially. Denver has a music scene? Sure, many of us who follow the music industry are aware that the city is home to the country's... (article)

  • Music in the Mile High City August 25, 2008

    When the 4,200 Democratic delegates and accompanying media horde arrive in Denver this week for the party's national convention, they'll have an opportunity to sample a thriving music... (episode)


  • What will be on your iPod this fall? August 22, 2008

    At the end of next week, all the major league baseball teams will call up their promising minor leaguers for September games. This annual roster expansion gives everyone a chance to ... (article)