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  • Soundtracks With Super Powers July 31, 2008

    It’s the summer of the superhero. Batman returns in “The Dark Knight,” and we have eponymous films from Hancock, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man (wow – just had to type that three ... (article)

  • Superhero Sounds July 31, 2008

    From The Hulk to Iron Man to Batman, superheroes are saving the day in Hollywood movies this summer. Today on Soundcheck: the latest superhero soundtracks. Plus, a conversation with H... (episode)


  • The Music of Joni Mitchell July 30, 2008

    Joni Mitchell became a vastly influential singer-songwriter by combining a deep, personal style with the sounds of pop, jazz, and the avant-garde. On today's show, Lloyd Whitesell, th... (episode)


  • Casting a the iPhone July 29, 2008

    It's tempting to look down on all those people standing in lines around the block at the various Apple stores, waiting to buy yet another Apple gizmo. Tempting to say, 'look at them... (article)

  • iPhone, iHate July 29, 2008

    The Apple iPhone has inspired a cultish devotion for its music applications and sleek design. But there’s a growing backlash of “haters” who argue that the hysteria is all hype. On to... (episode)


  • Abba - Love em or Hate em, they're back July 28, 2008

    Abba is on the big screen (Mamma Mia was the #3 movie in the country this past weekend). Abba is on the Billboard charts (the Mamma Mia soundtrack is #3 there too). And Abba is on B... (article)

  • Why We Can't Resist Abba July 28, 2008

    30 years after the song Mamma Mia! first hit the charts, the music of Abba is pulling in crowds on Broadway, in movie theaters, and in records stores. On today's show, we look at how ... (episode)


  • What Makes a Summer Song? July 25, 2008

    Last year we polled our Soundcheck listeners for their pick of the Summer Song of 2007… now, my recollection was that the listeners correctly picked Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” which of cou... (article)

  • Crowning 2008's Song of the Summer July 25, 2008

    Every summer, one song seems to blast from every beach radio, car stereo, and block-party boombox around the city. Blender editor at large Lizzy Goodman joins us to crown this summer’... (episode)


  • On the use (and abuse) of music for your baby July 24, 2008

    Is anybody REALLY surprised to find that babies respond to music? I don’t mean the so-called “Mozart effect,” which has been pretty well debunked at this point – even though lots of ... (article)