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Wednesday, May 7 2008

  • "Give Peace a Chance," Going Once... May 7, 2008

    John Lennon's lyrics for Give Peace a Chance are to go under the hammer at an auction at Christie's this summer. The lyrics were handed to comedy writer Gail Renard, who was then 16, ... (article)

  • Left, Right, Left, Right ... "Play?" May 7, 2008

    Music is such a powerful means of expression that it’s only natural that military leaders learned early on how to use it. Want an army to march in formation? A drum will work like ma... (article)

  • Rock in a Hard Place May 7, 2008

    Tech-savvy soldiers in Iraq are customizing their iPod playlists, whether going into battle or unwinding at their bases. Today, a music scholar and a soldier talk about what soldiers ... (episode)