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Thursday, September 30 2010

  • Musical Omnivores September 30, 2010

    <p>Alex Ross's book is a sign of the musical times</p> (article)

  • Close Listeners September 30, 2010

    Alex Ross has been writing about music for The New Yorker for well over a decade, covering everything from Schubert to Sonic Youth. Today on Soundcheck, he'll tell us how a broad lo... (episode)


  • Gig Alert: Autre Ne Veut September 30, 2010

    <p>Autre Ne Veut dropped his self-titled debut album late last month on Daniel Lopatin's (Oneohtrix Point Never/Games) Upstairs CD-R label. <strong>Download</strong> the track &ldquo;Tell Me&rdquo; here.</p> (article)

  • Gig Alert: Alex Cuba September 30, 2010

    <p>Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Cuba brings his latin-tinged soul and pop to Webster Hall tonight. <strong>Download </strong>his reggae rhythm love-letter, "Directo" here.</p> (article)

  • Gig Alert: Gotan Project September 30, 2010

    In the early aughts, the Gotan Project created "Tango electronica," a mix of classic Argentinean tango and trip-hop, long before the current crop of electro-world mash-up artists. Ton... (article)