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Wednesday, June 24 2015

  • Summer Sets: Weekend Concert Update, June 26 - 28 June 24, 2015

    Summer's here and our calendars are packed with must-see music all over the city. Here's the first installment of our recommendations of the weekend's best concerts. (article)

  • Leon Bridges: Polishing The Golden Era For A New Generation June 24, 2015

    He's been called the second coming of Sam Cooke, but the crooner proves he is entirely his own man in&nbsp;this intimate and engrossing performance in the Soundcheck studio. &nbsp; &nbsp; (episode)

  • Nina Simone's Lingering Spell June 24, 2015

    A new documentary about the singer's troubled life resonates more than ever before. Have&nbsp;we finally found the time to which Nina Simone belongs? (article)