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Friday, November 21 2008

  • Ani DiFranco: "November 4th, 2008" November 22, 2008

    Barack Obama's Election Night victory inspired many to take to the streets and celebrate. Folk-rock icon Ani DiFranco was among them -- and she wrote a song about the evening. After h... (article)

  • Dusty Springfield Again November 21, 2008

    Dusty Springfield may not have created the subgenre known as “blue-eyed soul,” but she might have been its biggest star in the 60s. Which sounds like a great thing, but it wasn’t ne... (article)

  • The Soul of British Soul November 21, 2008

    British soul divas like Amy Winehouse and Duffy owe a big debt to a '60s icon with a breathy voice and a beehive wig. Today: the story of singer Dusty Springfield. Later: folk-rock ar... (episode)