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Friday, July 18 2008

  • The Song of the Summer July 18, 2008

    Every summer, one song seems to blast from every beach radio, car stereo, and block-party boombox around the city. This Friday, Blender editor at large Lizzy Goodman joins us to hel... (article)

  • Could-Be Contenders: Summer Song 2008 July 18, 2008

    Soundcheck wants you to make an informed decision before you cast your vote in our Summer Song 2008 Poll. Sample each song below and weigh your options. Rihanna, "Disturbia" Lil'... (article)

  • The Soul of Hip-Hop Retreats to the Underground July 18, 2008

    So hip-hop is in trouble? Sales are down? The music's lost its edge? Sorry, but weren't we just saying those exact same things about rock a few years ago? And it turned out that r... (article)

  • The Future of Hip Hop July 18, 2008

    For years, DJs and MCs fended off declarations of hip hop’s demise with innovative beats and chart-busting albums. But these days, hip hop is stuck in a deep funk. Today on Soundcheck... (episode)