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Thursday, December 18 2008

  • Critics Week: A List of the Worst December 18, 2008

    Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times and public radio's "Sound Opinions" shares his list of the worst and most overrated music of 2008. Let the controversy begin! Leave a comment! C... (article)

  • Critics Week: A World Music List December 18, 2008

    Here's New York Times pop music critic Jon Pareles' list of the year's best world music albums (in alphabetical order). Listen to the Soundcheck segment here. Buika, NiƱa de Fuego Deb... (article)

  • Critics Week: A Pop and Rock List December 18, 2008

    Music critic Jody Rosen of visits Soundcheck today to share his list of the best pop and rock music of 2008. Here are his lists for best albums and best singles [listen to t... (article)

  • Critics Week: A Hip Hop List December 18, 2008

    Jake Paine, editor in chief of the site HipHopDX, compiled these lists for his appearance on Soundcheck today. Is his exclusion of Lil' Wayne and Kanye West hip-hop hubris? What does ... (article)

  • Critics Week: A List for Listmakers December 18, 2008

    Debashish Bhattacharya So remember on Tuesday when we were asking whether critics were irrelevant or irreplaceable? And I said that there were a few old-fashioned print critics, like... (article)

  • Critics Week: World and Latin Music December 18, 2008

    For the fourth installment of Soundcheck's Critics Week series, Jon Pareles of the New York Times gives his list of the best in world music, while Daily News contributor Carolina Gonz... (episode)