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Wednesday, December 17 2008

  • The Year in Music and Branding December 17, 2008

    Soundcheck asked Josh Rabinowitz, senior vice president and director of music at Grey Group, for a list of the best in music and branding in 2008. And because Josh works so fast, he ... (article)

  • Critics Week: A List for Latin Music December 17, 2008

    For her best-of-2008 list for Latin music, critic Carolina Gonzales of the New York Daily News took a thematic approach -- picking five artists from different corners of the genre. Bi... (article)

  • Critics Week: Classical and Jazz December 17, 2008

    Today Anne Midgette gives us her take on the best Classical music releases of 2008. Now, I’m not a particular fan of year-end lists – wait, that’s not right; I enjoy seeing other peo... (article)

  • Critics Week: Classical and Jazz December 17, 2008

    All this week, music critics are joining Soundcheck for a look back at the year in music. Today: a look at the best songs and albums from the world of classical and jazz. And later: L... (episode)