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Friday, March 14 2008

  • She &amp; Him [3/14/08] March 15, 2008

    Singer-songwriter Matt Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel have teamed up for She & Him. Ward, Deschanel and their band played a 'day party' (read: free!)badge or wristband required!) h... (article)

  • View From Austin Pedicab March 14, 2008

    En route to our failed attempt to get into the Austin Children's Museum to see a grindcore act: (article)

  • Flying Blind March 14, 2008

    Last night was this Soundcheck staffer's third straight night of clubhopping here in Austin. For the most part, I've decided to wander around without a clear itinerary of bands to se... (article)

  • The Tragic Figure Behind Country-Rock March 14, 2008

    Name any number of modern-day alternative-country bands and you can be sure that their influences include the singer and songwriter Gram Parsons. In working with groups like The Byrds... (episode)