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Wednesday, March 12 2008

  • Moby at Stubb's [3/11/08] March 12, 2008

    [Photo credit: The cell phone of John Schaefer] (article)

  • Schwag As Far As the Eye Can See March 12, 2008

    If you have a badge at SXSW, you'll get a canvas tote bag full of stuff. It's not on the 'gift bag' level of events like the Oscars, however. Instead of cellphones and jewelry, SXSW's... (article)

  • Sneak Preview: Sixth Street March 12, 2008

    The Soundcheck staff ventured to Sixth Street last night, to check out bands before the music portion of SXSW starts officially tonight. I caught the ultra-80s electronic rave-up out... (article)

  • The Return of 17 Hippies March 12, 2008

    After our encounter with Quiet Company, the Soundcheck staff bumped into a familiar face. Several familiar faces, actually: 17 Hippies, the German band who played on Soundcheck when w... (article)

  • SXSW Eve March 12, 2008

    The South by Southwest music festival officially starts today, but the Soundcheck staff hit the town yesterday -- it turned out to be a great opportunity to see Austin before madness ... (article)

  • South by Southwest, Day 1 March 12, 2008

    With over 1700 bands, 80 stages, and 10,000 participants, South by Southwest is the largest music conference in the country. In the first of two special live broadcasts from Austin, T... (episode)