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Tuesday, March 11 2008

  • A Funky Oasis March 12, 2008

    Austin is a city of weird contradictions. On one hand, it's a ramshackle jumble of thrift stores, head shops, fortune tellers, quirky little dive bars, and storefronts offering both b... (article)

  • Jeremiah the Frog March 11, 2008

    Austin legend Daniel Johnston's Jeremiah the Frog mural, located at 21st Street and Guadalupe. (Quick quiz: How do you pronounce 'Guadalupe?') More here on the campaign to save it a ... (article)

  • The Sum of Whole Foods March 11, 2008

    Austin is home to the Whole Foods headquarters, and their flagship store is something to witness. As a guy who lives in a neighborhood that lacks a gourmet grocery store, I was kind o... (article)

  • Austin: Day 1 March 11, 2008

    Departed for Austin yesterday from Newark Airport. When I arrived at my gate, it became clear that space in the overhead bins was going to be scarce: the seating area was filled with ... (article)

  • One Man's Quest to Become a Hit Songwriter March 11, 2008

    In a new memoir, British journalist Will Hodgkinson sets out on a mission: to learn how to write a hit song and record it within a year. Today, he joins us to share that journey, whic... (episode)