Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted

A still from Sara Benincasa's short film, The Focus Group
( Sara Benincasa )
Produced by Julia Longoria
Hosted by Mary Harris
Music Credits: "Super Fantasy" by E1sbar , "Ambient Dark Hope" by The Sound Room , "Looking For A Better Thing" by Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics , "Urban Funk" by Dorian Charnis , "Wasted Love" by Becca Krueger , "Daybreak" by Anesthesia , "Rendezvous" by Bastian , "Have You Seen My Keys" by Tomo Nakayama from Audiosocket , "Cat Burglering" by Justin Marcellus , "The Company News" by Nathan Mathes , "The Company News " by Nathan Mathes , "Unstoppable" by Apalog
WNYC Studios