Me and My Therapist

( Amy Pearl / WNYC )
Music Credits: "Coexist (Instrumental)" by Tontario & Leo Islo , "Unprofessional" by Jarkko Hietanen , "Shook (I Went White) (Instrumental)" by Another Cynthia , "Reach The Stars (Instrumental)" by The Broken Orchestra , "Venice" by Lucy Bland , "Have You Seen My Keys" by Tomo Nakayama , "Cloud Line" by Blue Dot Sessions , "Witches Brew (No Lead)" by Alan Fagan , "Funky Fairyland" by Studio Nine Productions , "Dirty Rice" by Phil Symonds , "So Seductive (Instrumental)" by Kero One , "One Night In Taipei (Instrumental)" by Johnny Fiasco , "Unstoppable" by Apalog
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