Understanding the political and legal stakes of this historic moment.

  • Politics: Picking Between Pete and Amy

    Feb 10, 2020
    New Hampshire's Dems will cast their votes tomorrow to nominate a presidential candidate. Who's bullish and who's bearish on Klobuchar and Buttigeig? We check in with NHPR's Laura Knoy.
  • How It's Over, and How It's Not

    Feb 6, 2020
    With Trump acquitted, we look at the parallels between the Ukraine affair, Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal, and what it means that the President and Governor both emerged unscathed. 
  • Preet Bharara on the End of Trump's Trial

    Feb 5, 2020
    As the Senate votes today to convict or acquit President Trump, we check in with Preet Bharara about what this episode in our history means for the Senate, and the country.
  • A Vote to Censure?

    Feb 4, 2020
    On the eve of the President's likely acquittal, we check in on what Senators on both sides said on the floor yesterday, the first time they've been able to speak on the floor.
  • Iowa Meets Impeachment

    Feb 3, 2020
    The final phase of the impeachment trial falls on the first caucus of the 2020 election. How is impeachment playing in Iowa?
  • Key Republican: Acquit the Guilty President

    Jan 31, 2020
    After Sen. Lamar Alexander said last night that he would vote against calling witnesses, the Senate trial appears to be coming to a close with the likely acquittal everyone expected. 
  • Ezra Klein on Impeachment and Polarization

    Jan 30, 2020
    If the Senate votes against witnesses, we're nearing the end of the impeachment saga. But if they vote in favor of subpoenas, it could be just the beginning. 
  • The Senate Is in Q&A Mode. So Are We.

    Jan 29, 2020
    Today, the Senate will pose questions about the evidence and the law to Impeachment Managers and the Defense Counsel. We check in to see what questions our listeners have.