Trey Kay

West Virginian Trey Kay came to New York to pursue acting, writing, and music. This led him to create and host The Natural Coffeehouse Radio Hour, channeling a Garrison Keillor-like character, for New York's WBAI. A Studio 360 contributor since the program launched, Trey has delighted in interviewing many of his heroes -- Edward Albee, Tom Waits, Sharon Olds, Spalding Gray, Diamanda Galas, Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver. 

One of his stories was featured in Studio 360's Peabody Award-winning hour "American Icons: Moby Dick." Trey has also reported for WNYC's Morning Edition, Day to Day, Weekend America, Marketplace, The Next Big Thing, Osgood Files and PBS's Frontline. He sings and plays guitar in the band Uncle Moon.