Tony Daniels

Boomer, This Podcast Has Fleas

You’ve heard him but have you seen him? Whether it’s the voice of CBC Television or ADR for Sean Penn in the Secret Life Of Walter Mitty or the multitude of voices on cartoons such as Justin Time, Numchucks, Little Charmers, Fangbone, Atomic Puppet, Get Ed, Ying Yang Yo, the Cat In The Hat, Ned’s Newt, Jo-Jo’s Circus, Care Bears, Fisher Price’s Little People, Bob and Margaret, the X-Men, Braceface, the Avengers, Rescue Heroes….ok, you get the picture. Tony started entertaining at an early age, performing as a talented guitar player and singer with several musical acts throughout Southern Ontario and the US.  By the age of 18, Tony had performed with several bands opening for top mainstream acts.  Soon after, Tony had not only performed on several albums but had started writing and producing his own material. Tony is also the featured singer on theme songs for TV shows like, Fugget About It, Rocket Monkeys, Newlywed Nearly Dead and more. Tony is known as an award winning commercial writer, producer, composer and performer. His credits include Lansing Buildall,      Mac’s Milk, the Wine Ladies television show, the Hockey Show on TSN Let’s Build It and countless other television shows and videos world wide. He has written comedy tunes for and been a comedy voice on the Jesse and Gene show, the Howard Stern show, Roger, Rick and Marilyn, Brother Jake’s Q Morning Zoo, Bill Carroll Show, Dave Bolt ZRock Networks and more. Tony has also written and co-written music for films such as Borat, Bruno and Religulous, to name a few and has been featured on thousands of radio and television commercials, promos for TV, movie trailers, radio imaging, narration and animated television shows and features. He has acted in several plays and recently doing voice replacements in film and tv for Alec Baldwin, Ben Barnes, Ben Kingsley, Chazz Palminteri, Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan, James Cagney, John Leguizamo, John Lennon, Jonathan Winters, Ken Watanabe, Kevin Spacey, Kieifer Sutherland, Luke Evans(Dracula), Mark Strong, Mark Walhberg, Mel Brooks, Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Richard Dreyfus, Sean Penn, Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob), Tony Shalhoub, Tony has had the pleasure and honor to produce performers Rik Emmett, Dorian Harewood, Ian Thomas, Jane Bunnett, Randy Bachman, Gerald McCauley, Lawrence Gowan and so many more. Tony is currently co-writing and performing with the extremely talented Cassandra Kubinski and appearing as a guitarist/singer with the incredible Dominic Chianese.