Shima Oliaee

Shima Oliaee is the producer and reporter for the Peabody award-winning series "Dolly Parton’s America," a production from OSM Audio and WNYC Studios. 

She's a first generation American and graduated from USC’s Thornton School of Music, where she studied music and film. Following graduation, she worked as a waitress, a sound engineer, sang and rapped in a hip hop group, went undercover as a man, became a second-grade teacher, volunteered to raise young women revolutionaries, and received her graduate degree in psychology.

Shima worked four seasons on the golden globe-winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine before moving to NYC in 2017. She reported Radiolab’s sexual consent three-part series “In the No,” and alongside Jad Abumrad, she produced and reported the mini-series “Unerased: A History of Conversion Therapy in America" for Stitcher, which KQED News called the best podcast of 2018. Most recently, she reported and produced The Flag and the Fury, for Radiolab. You can find her upcoming projects at