Sean Rameswaram

Co-host, Today Explained

Sean Rameswaram (@rameswaram) is the creative director of Vox Audio and the host of Vox’s daily news podcast Today, Explained. In this role, Rameswaram has upended assumptions about daily news podcasting, leaning into Vox’s focus on explanation and clarity and adding personality and often humor, with the odd original song from time to time. As creative director, Rameswaram has worked to expand Today, Explained’s style into new projects, including the weekly science show Unexplainable

Rameswaram co-created and launched Today, Explained in 2018. The show was named “Best News Podcast” in the inaugural Podcast Academy Ambie Awards, and at the 2021 Webby Awards. Before joining Vox, Rameswaram was a correspondent for WNYC’s Radiolab series More Perfect, where he produced deeply reported features on guns in America, gerrymandering, and other urgent constitutional questions. Earlier, he was a reporter for PRI’s Studio 360 and the host of Studio 360’s Sideshow podcast and CBC's Podcast Playlist.